The Girl On Fire! Just Not In A Graphic Novel

In 2012, the world was taken back when the novel, The Hunger Games, by Suzanna Collins, was adapted into a box office hit. Since then, the world has been wanting more and more ‘Hunger Games’ in various forms. From parodies, to customs, to more post-apocalyptic novels and movies, the world just could not get enough of it all. Or could they?

With as much fame as the novel has, and the many adaptions of the movie in different forms, there is one thing still missing after all these years; a graphic novel. Now, there isn’t a straight answer on why there isn’t a graphic novel adaptation of the Hunger Games,  although people have made their own graphic novel, like a girl in Connecticut who made one, but there is just something about there not being a readily available one gets me. To be honest, I don’t think I would be as concerned about it if The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, by James Dashner, had not been adapted into a graphic novel.

The cover of the novel "The Hunger Games" © 2008
The cover of the novel “The Hunger Games” © 2008
The cover of the "Scorch Trials" graphic novel © 2015
The cover of the “Scorch Trials” graphic novel © 2015

Maybe there is something about already having the movie as the visual to the text that stops publishers from creating a graphic novel? However, that movie messed up many plot elements from the novel, leaving viewers, like myself disappointed. Having a graphic novel of this book would not only serve as another visual aid to the novel that includes important plot elements, but also provide an alternative reading style for those who struggle with the text by itself. Since schools are now teaching The Hunger Games, having a graphic novel adaptation would be ideal to have, especially for those who are still learning English, or have a hard time with text in general.

Having a graphic novel might add the fuel to the already burning fire of the Hunger Games, however there are benefits to the fuel. It would be able to provide visuals to important plot elements to scenes that the movie either elimated or completely got wrong. It would also provide a visual aid to struggling readers.