New Webcomics from Kraken Studios

Artist/writer, but more importantly my brother, W. Parker Hinson has always drawn comics. I remember as a child giggling helplessly over post-it note flipbooks of stick-figure ninjas and farting rabbits. His storylines have since improved and now he is beginning several webcomics in collaboration with his friends, Caitlin Mitchell (aka Kitty), Martin Delacruz, and Daniel L. Meany. Their team and soon to be website are known as Kraken Studios. All four collaborate on writing, while Parker, Kitty, and Martin illustrate, Parker doing the bulk of the art. Parker’s art style is something between Mark Brooks of Marvel comics and the golden age comics, with its bold black outlines.

I got in touch with Kitty and asked her to send me a few sample pictures with descriptions of their main projects. Right now they are beginning with three main webcomics: “Devilish,” “Legacy Island,” and “Bug Planet.”


“Devilish” is the series that is closest to being ready for production, and will be the first series posted to their website. As Kitty describes it, “Devilish” is “about a man conflicted between his own nature to do good and his binding contract with a demonic creature.”



“Legacy Island” is an action adventure comic that will most likely come out after “Devilish.” The two comics will be worked on simultaneously. “Legacy Island” will feature another animated series along with the main comic which will provide more background on the main characters.



The third comic “Bug Planet” is exactly what it sounds like: it is an excuse to see some damn huge bugs do cool bug stuff. This comic has no planned production date at the moment. This story is a bit different from the other others as it will potentially be presented in motion comics. I had no clue what a motion comic was, but thankfully Kitty explained: “The basic idea is that you have a set of still images for a comic but they include voice-overs, music, and other media to make full use of the versatility of webcomics over paper comics.” A few of the side plots to “Legacy Island” might presented as motion comics as well.BP