For a long time video games have had a negative stigma. They have been viewed as “childish” and something you shouldn’t base a career around. Furthermore most people would most likely say that video games are not a sport. This is actually a complete lie. During the 2014 championship the game  League of Legends generated 27 million viewers. The point behind that is that it actually generated more viewers than the NBA finals and world series. This statistic alone is impressive but what really makes this stand out is that the championship for League of Legends is broadcast-ed on an independent website called Why this matters is that in order to watch you must be part of the community or be familiar with twitch. The championships for the NBA and MLB are easily found with super companies like ABC for example. eSports are so prominent right now that there are a ton of fantasy leagues to make money, just like “real” sports. Now the question is are eSports real sports? That is a good question. Skippers the president of ESPN denied videogames as a sport but he did acknowledge the money that it brings in. I would say that they are a real sport. The reasons I concluded this is because each team has a team name, a coach, and actually a gaming house where they live together. The “athletes” train together practice all the time and are always ready for their next game just like any other athlete. They are considered professional for a reason, just like any other athlete. If the average football player tried to out-throw Eli Manning it wouldn’t even be close. The same scenario can be changed around a little bit. If any average gamer played against a pro athlete they would get absolutely demolished.  They even have announcers as well. esports