What Will You Choose?

Whether it’s reading a novel or a graphic novel, I can’t help but wish I could choose what the characters said and did. I loved the Goosebumps book that had you choose your own path, and whatever you chose determined whether or not you’d get out of the haunted house or not. I loved being a part of the narrative – it was a whole new type of engagement.

While this type of graphic novel isn’t as common, DC comics launched a choose-your-own-path digital comic that allowed the reader to enter a “multiverse” and fully immerse themselves into the comic realm. This interactive webcomic enabled readers to choose dialogues and actions to unlock different storylines. This new wave of digital comics entitled  was debuted with Batman ’66.

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(copyright DC Comics)

While the choose-your-own-path concept isn’t novel, it does allow the reader to immerse themselves into the city of Gotham much more than they would reading the pre-set story line. Jim Lee, DC Entertainment Co-publisher argued for the digital comic’s novelty:

“What’s cool is that you really get to challenge the rules of traditional storytelling. You aren’t beholden to a strict left to right western culture narrative. You can have elements that leap back and forth.” (Wired).

However, there were controversies attached to the launching of this interactive comic. The main issue was whether or not there even was a market for this kind of comic. Two years later, DC has launched other comics that have the same style (like Batman Arkham Origins) and described this new wave of comics to be like playing a video game, only it’s not a game, it’s a graphic novel.

This new form of comic should really be implemented more because I feel that it gives the reader the opportunity to be fully immersed in a whole new world. We read to get away from our everyday lives, this just takes it to the next level.