Improvement: a Work in Progress

I entered this class knowing little to nothing about comics, so I was rather intimidated by the idea of producing one myself. Creativity is a huge factor in such a process. I didn’t know where to begin. As a young girl, I read a lot and would often write my own stories. I also loved to draw. But as I grew older, my interests shifted; I made new friends who didn’t enjoy these activities, which led me to slowly stop. It seemed difficult to suddenly ‘reawaken’ my creative side for the production of a comic. However, after the time I’ve spent on What It Is and discussing ideas with my group, the project has become more of an exciting experiment.

Until recently, there had been little room for creativity in my life. I’d like to blame this on circumstance but I’ve realized that it’s my responsibility to make the time. Since readings and exercises had been assigned for this class, I was encouraged to do just that. The thought-provoking images and text in What It Is led to an improvement in my ability to imagine. I now understand that creativity is an active process, and I feel confident about my role in the upcoming Webcomic assignment.

I am fortunate to be part of a group that enjoys writing and doodling. I’ve also found that I’m not alone in my lack of experience with comics. After meeting with my teammates and making decisions on key elements of our comic, the task seems less daunting. I think that collaborating on the production of this webcomic will lead to interesting discussion and outcomes. I’m now excited about the assignment because I see that it’s an opportunity to gain firsthand experience and knowledge on comics.