Creating our Social Butterfly

Coming up with our comic idea was an incredibly interesting experience this past week. I am really proud of the concept our group was able to come up with, but it was the process of coming up with it that really fascinated me. I have always had a difficult time understanding how ideas for the plot of a comic, movie, book, etc. would be developed. Our group bounced around a lot of ideas until we all settled on doing something dealing with a college student. From there, we began talking about different scenarios that this student would be in, and we wanted to have some sort of interaction with a being that was not really there, so we settled on the concept of an imaginary friend. A college student with an imaginary friend, an imaginary butterfly no less, is something that I had not even considered going into this project, and yet that is exactly what our team came up with.

I believe a lot of my personal input came from the recent discussions we had in class about the book What It Is. This book was one that was difficult to follow and appreciate in the beginning, but during the exercises and the class discussions I really came to love the book and what it had to teach. The idea of letting ideas continuously flow was definitely a concept a used during our discussion of a comic idea, and it was certainly a huge help to implement. I am looking forward to what this project will bring in terms of the challenges and the successes.