The Importance of Webcomics

As the 21st century progresses, there has been a push now more than ever for this to be moved from a hard copy, paper format to a easily accessible digital format. With this new online platform, independent films, shows, literature, and comics have room to grow and can reach an audience that independent, underground material could not before the rise of the internet age. Webcomics in particular has emerged as one of the most important social media creation to come about.

Underground webcomics used to be thought of as the, “ramblings of people who couldn’t make it in the real world” due to the persistent idea that the truly talented artists would have been picked up by a major publishing company and to be fair many webcomics fail in the first year (Headley). This, however, is due to factors like comics exploiting a niche, or artists giving up too early, or artists refusing to invest in their comics. Yet, still the number of webcomics has increased in number and quality steadily. I’ve taken the basic ideas explained in Jaysen Headley’s Examiner piece and expanded on how they compare to traditional comic format. Webcomics are free first and foremost. While traditional comics do not cost an excessive amount, for the young adult/child market, $4 on comics compared to $4 on a Taco Bell burrito is a hard choice. Most webcomic artists make money from ad space and traffic through the site, thus making it free for the audience to view the material and consume a large quantity of comics. Next, webcomics are constantly being updated. Hard copy comics are usually published on a monthly basis. With webcomics, comics can be published on a weekly basis such as Replay Comic.

(c) Replay Comic, NotImportant
(c) Replay Comic, NotImportant

This keeps the audience’s attention because the work is constantly in motion. As well as the work updating constantly, the art then has the ability to improve because of the frequency of art being made (something that is expanded on in this article). Lastly. anyone can start a webcomic. In the traditional comic industry, it’s hard to break out into the comic world and get your name on the map. Because webcomics are free to start it means that anyone can start one. Thus more voices, ideas, and characters can be shared with the public through webcomics as compared to traditional comic formats.

Webcomics have had a rise in the new technology age and through this medium it shows that webcomics are an important addition to the comic world due to the improvements the digital medium has had on it.


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