“What it is” Reflection

This week in Graphic Novel, we finished up Watchmen with a few articles before we started to touch Lynda Barry’s, What It Is. At first glance, this book seemed very out of this world, very different. It felt like I peeking into someone’s head and observing how their imagination works. I also find it a bit strange that we have to dive into the author’s head in order to understand how our mind works when we doodle, dream, and recall details of our memories.

The way this book instructs the reader to never go over or under the time limit works rather well. Originally, I listened to music for a while when I tried to come up with stories. Then a while became hours and sometimes I wouldn’t even come up with anything that pleased me as writer. Using Barry’s method of reserving a set amount of time and having rules for when you decide to create was pretty strange at first. I was shocked at how easily I was able to recreate memory of me getting the car I really wanted during my senior year of high school on a sheet of paper. When I was able to do it again with the memory of picking out my mom’s new car, I began to realize how much this method worked.

Lesson 2 sealed the deal when Barry added relaxing the body to the rules. It made recalling all of the mothers of my friends a lot easier and I was able to recreate a rather important memory of having breakfast for dinner at my best friend’s house for the first time. It was the best dinner/breakfast I’ve ever had and it made me realize as a kid that you can eggs, bacon, and pancakes whenever you wanted to.

To conclude, I think What It Is is a rather amazing book. It may have been unappealing at first, but it can be pretty helpful when you want to be creative. I can’t to see what is in store what Lesson 3 has in store for me.