What It Is?…Or What It Isn’t?

This past week our class discussed What It Is? by Lynda Berry and did the first two activities in the book to start some great class discussions. These activities although different and unique, as they go into detail on learning how to write and draw comics, really provoked not only great conversations in class but some really interesting personal thoughts.

The one activity that really made me think deeply about reflection from memories is Lesson #2, which asked us to remember 10 friend’s mothers from our childhood and write a vivid description of a memory of one of them. This was a very difficult task because the farther you go back the harder it was to remember friend’s mothers and situations to remember. It was easier with more recently mothers, due to the fact I could recall these memories and my interactions with them better, but it still was difficult to describe the vividness of situations. The situation I decided on was of my friend Trevor’s mother Kristi and the time when we both wanted to spend the night a second night in a row and she was not very happy about it due to activities the next day she had planned for Trevor. An interesting factor about other people’s memories and mine is that most of them involved negative memories. Why this was the case was unclear but maybe more negative events stick in our minds more clearly since they tapped into more emotions. When writing and drawing comics, being able to tap into memories and describe them is a beneficial trait since it can allow for you to express and show these emotions and experiences on the pages and in the story. Can’t wait to read more into this book and see how else this helps comic book drawing and writing.