What it is, is saddening

While reading What it is, I noticed how incredibly somber it is. Although Barry does prompt very abstract questions like what is an image? Or do we feel experiences or do they feel us? All these questions are very intriguing but something that I think is overlooked is how truly depressing this book is. Literally the opening lines in this has an elderly couple and the female who I presume to be Lynda Barry says that something is wrong and she doesn’t know what it is, it then progresses to negatives pasts that one cannot change. The book later talks about how her parents weren’t very loving and weren’t around a lot. These observations where made directly after the book asks you about experiences. This hints that the reason behind the questions are directly from Lynda Barry’s life. Even the elderly women looks extremely close to Lynda Barry that it almost seems deliberate.  So with textual evidence and a doppelganger one could easily infer that Lynda Barry is using this as a way to objectively think about things that could easily go unnoticed. It’s very safe to say that most people may think about what a memory is and don’t reach a conclusion or never give it second thought again. What Lynda Barry does is to force you to think about it in a fun way filled with images. If you take away that fun there is a extremely dark tone waiting to be dug up. Notice if you go to page five the similarties are there both have glasses and a headband around their hair. I may be looking to much into this but there is no argument that these two images don’t look similar. download