Overload of Imagery

I’m really enjoying What it Is but I find myself having to remind myself to look at the whole page and take in all of the images. I’m used to reading text first and then getting a general idea of what the image looks like and moving on. Even though I’m a huge comic book fan I often gloss over most of the panels unless it’s particularly important. I don’t mean to but for me the text is where the story is and I want to find out what’s going to happen as soon as possible. This book however is all about the importance of images and here I am ignoring the vast majority of them. The book is doing a good job of reminding me to go back and actually look at everything. The other issue I’m dealing with is that I try to read every word but often the words are not as much text as a part of the image and it just becomes a jumble of sentences. I understand this before I read and it isn’t a criticism of the book by any means it’s just that I’m not used to this kind of book and I often get overloaded.

I do however look forward to reading and doing the activities though because it does make me step outside of my typical thought processes. I enjoy writing but don’t actually ever sit down and write so it is nice to finally do so. I love the style of switching between philosophical ideals and personal anecdotes the author has because it forces me to introspect but doesn’t allow me to to get too into my own head. I am not sure I am getting as much out of the writing as I could be though. I’m not entirely sure why that is exactly but so far the writing assignments have been fun but not anything really special. I hope that is because we have only done the first couple and they will get more interesting as we go on.