Not Your Typical Lesson: A Reflection of What It Is

Much like what Carly mentioned in her reflection, What It Is has been a lesson that makes taking a 3 o’clock class worth it. This class is at the time that I usually takes naps so my body struggles to stay awake through the class, but What It Is makes it easy to stay awake. I find that this kind of book makes the class more engaging because, much like what Carly said, we get to do things that we usually don’t get to do in a typical classroom.

For me, I always struggled with doodling in class. I did it throughout high school and would get in trouble because I ‘wasn’t paying attention’. When I got to college, I had to teach myself how to not doodle and find different ways to focus in class. Right now, the only way I can stay awake in class is if I am taking notes constantly. Being able to doodle again makes me feel as though I can finally focus in the classroom again. Not only that but also be more engaged in the class because by doodling, I am not zoning out and therefore can actually be aware of what people are saying.

This book is also allowing us to open up abut our lives a little and finally make the class personal. I feel that with writing, an author always puts something of their personal self/experiences into their story. With that being said, we also have our web comics coming up, so it will be interesting to see if people include personal elements, that we have discusses about it class, into their Web Comic.