This week in class we have been discussing What is it by Lynda Barry. An apply named title for this piece of work. I have yet to figure out what it is exactly. A graphic novel, a literary art piece, a collage of ideas, or a Rorschach-esqe journal. Perhaps even some kind of Hodge podge combination of several. With my experience with the book thus far I am thinking the latter. After reading the Watchmen, saturated with heavy conversational material, dialogue, and richly colored yet clear images, What it is comes from far out in left field. It has rarely any dialogue, and it is overly saturated with richly colored images that sometimes make you feel like sensory overload. One of my classmates said it best when they said it was like reading graffiti at times. Despite that sometimes reading What it is can be confusing at times, it is very intriguing. When you sift through the massive amount of images and try to not look to hard at the somewhat darker creatures, you can really connect with the author’s story and struggle with her writing. Personally I also had a connection with her when she was talking about her struggles when she was young. That she wanted to be able to draw, write or something to that direction, but felt people would not understand and make fun of her. I think many of us have similar stories and experiences like that. Not only does she bring you in with connections about experience but she also invites you to find what is lurking within your own mind. Within the cluttered pages you find many the thought provoking question or statement. It could be said that she believes that memories are moments that continue to live, even when they have pasted, inside of our minds. This continuous time idea has a connection to Watchmen, Jon or Dr. Manhattan believes also that moments live on continuously, however instead of being only in our minds, it happens all the time. Barry has some unusual methods and questions to help us unlock memories within our minds. She has you make list of things that seem obscure, but leads you to remember vivid memories that you probably had no talked about in a long time. At first look What is it looks rather strange and once you start reading it becomes even stranger, but so far it also has become quite enjoyable and helped creativity flow.