Disassembly Reflection: My Thought Process

I previously wrote a post about the Disassembly Project and how it provokes insightful readers to really look past what’s present on the screen. It encourages an in depth reading to the strip and the artwork, and it may even expose an underlying motif to the story. This is what I had for my project.





As you can see, I erased all text from the panel which really allows the viewer to look without a predetermined outlook. As I wrote in my paper, I believe the underlying motif of the panel was an ode to the dissolving quality of todays music industry. I really enjoyed this assignment because not only did it engage my, lacking, creative side, but it also exercised my close reading skills. Until becoming a Communication and Digital Studies Major, I had never done so much reading before. My previous major required me to learn equations and implement, but no in depth reading. It’s a skill I’ve longed to enhance, but haven’t been given the opportunity to until now. On the other side, I also enjoyed, very much so, looking at others work! The ones we looked at in class were very well done, and extracted a good laugh out of the entire class. I enjoy seeing how creative my peers are, and hopefully, there is a lot I can learn from them!