What graphic novel are you reading?

One question that I was extremely interested about finding more about was the difference between the Westernized  comic book, opposed to the Japenese Manga. When I first approached this I was thinking to myself that they are both graphic novels that tell a story through text and pictures. If they were the same thing though then there would be one universal name that they would both go by, so obviously there is a difference. According to Johnny Kilhefner, an established writer, there are a ton of differences. Pacing is a huge difference. Comics tend to go by quicker with a lot more action packed pages opposed to manga which likes to go slow to develop more and tend to focus on emotional aspects. A hypothetical example would be for the comic side if Superman was fighting one of his enemies the page would focus on a Michael Bay like style transferred over to comic book form were the action is high packed and a lot of things are going on. Things that really pump the adrenaline. Opposed to manga. I will use Naruto as an example (a popular anime and manga) if Naruto (protagonist) watches someone close to him get seriously injured, fatal or not this will usually trigger a flashback with him, and the character that got injured to show closeness and fonder times.  Also a close up on his face to really get a clear gauge on how he is feeling. Another difference that I found while reading is that most comic books and comic related movies are oriented towards having the young and the old enjoy it. That means they can’t push the envelope and have a character drop the F-bomb if they got injured for example. They could also not openly include sex scenes. Manga however is different Kilhefner says that ” Manga, however, is more comfortable exploring risqué material such as sex, violence” he later says that a major reason this is occuring is because the majority of people in their respected culture follow Shintoism and Buddhism which does not portray sex in a negative lighting giving them the okay to do so. This is important to realize because manga has been notorious for doing this especially in  one specific series known as Dragonball. In their culture they are doing nothing wrong therefore it is okay to expose the youth to this sort of material which in America would not fly for the most part. In conclusion these are just some differences in the Manga and Comic books world.

Here below is an example of the open sexuality shown in anime (which is based off of manga)  [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20w7EBAfUIQ[/youtube]

I also googled sex jokes and then popular superhero movies and could not find any serious ones besides parodies which clearly shows the cultural difference between the two styles.