“Hidden” Foreshadowing

While reading Watchmen and discussing the content in class, I started to notice the different elements of foreshadowing throughout the chapters. While I was reading the chapters separately, however, I found the seemingly “random interjections” to be confusing and distracting from the actual plot line. After looking back, though, I have noticed that there are clues everywhere in the chapters.

One instance that I remember in particular of being confused by a random interjection was in Chapter 8:


When I first read this chapter, or came across any part that seemed “irrelevant” to the main story line, I glossed over it and didn’t pay much attention. When I came across this set of panels, however, I remember being stuck on the picture on the easel. Then, after finishing Watchmen, it hit me. This set of panels that seemed irrelevant were actually foreshadowing the monster that attacks in the ending chapters. We had talked in class about how Alan Moore foreshadowed frequently in his chapters, and I wondered what else I had glossed over and deemed “irrelevant”. Reading Watchmen taught me that every portion to a comic is relevant and could be holding some key information that wouldn’t be recognized otherwise.


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