Slippery Slope

Slippery slope is defined as, “An idea or course of action which will lead to something unacceptable, wrong, or disastrous.” I believe that the stories The Street Singer and The Super in Will Eisner’s A Contract With God are great examples of what a slippery slope is. It’s not only the fact that both of these stories portray a slippery slope, what caught my attention is that they represent real world problems. I appreciate Eisner’s delivery in the way he presented the idea’s and actions that both the street singer and the super committed. What I really like is that the main character’s actions were caused by the actions of the people around them or the situations they were in. For the street singer his life wasn’t easy he was singing in alleyways and had no real audience. The thing that he loved to do the most wasn’t getting him the attention he thought he deserved. All at once he made an irrational decision because of where he was at mentally and because he had been seduced. I am not saying that his actions were good, right, or valid in anyway. I am simply saying that one thing led to another and that eventually led to a series of bad events. For the super he was also living with a hard occupation. He wasn’t liked by many. He seemed to always be receiving the short end of the stick. Again, I am not saying that his actions were right I just don’t think that he was in the right mindset or place to make a good conscious decision. He was set up and the outcome led to him doing the most irrational and unthinkable thing. Both of these stories shed a light on how people’s actions depend heavily on the situation that they are in and where their minds are. I appreciate these illustrations because they show things that are not outlandish to think could happen in the real world. I think Eisner did a great job of presenting true problems in the graphic form.

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