12 Pieces (Reflection)



In twelve seconds many thoughts can rush through ones minds. Time ticks this way for Dr. Manhattan at least and in that time his conveyed. From his obsession with the meticulous construction of pocket watch to the meaning behind the hydrogen atom burned on his forehead.This was a a grand introduction for one of the most influential beings in this graphic novel. Not influencing the characters in this novel but rather influenced the world that the crises that this graphic novel is dealing with thus far. As he talks about his life we see the world shape around him because of his actions.

An example of this was seen when President Richard Nixon was elected for a third term for the success of Vietnam because of Dr, Manhattan’s help. Also the technology rapidly advancing because of his advances in those fields due to his ability to control Atoms. This chapter in the graphic novels serves explain the current events of the present time in the story. A story that keeps unfolding as each character’s story is told.