The Imaginary friend (Disassembly)



The Story of Calvin and Hobbes is about a boy and his Stiffed Tiger which he imagines to life. But if we made Hobbes as just an imaginary friend. To add a little more visual realism lets observe the comic of him talking to Hobbes while he is making toast. One can say this perspective is what the parents may see when a child is playing with his imaginary friend. This also shows the audience a boy just talking to himself and in that last panel we can observe a boy talking to himself. This allows the audience to either analyse or question Calvin psychological state. By removing the anatomical figure that he talks one can analyse the psyche that makes Calvin act the way he does in society. This Happy go lucky 6 year old boy is a very deep complex character that can create gruesome snow man massacres, but also thinks about and asks himself complex questions about life.