Our Hero Morales

Peter Parker is one of the biggest names in comic books ever since his entry into MCU canon in 1962. Parker’s heart wrenching past, the death of his Uncle Ben and the loss of his girlfriend Gwen, endeared him to comic book readers just as much as his awesome powers and acrobatic prowess  made his enjoyable to watch on the big screen. Two major movie franchises and a new reboot in the works has been given to Parker and yet, many fans have been left wanting when the next Spider-Man reboot was announced to still be Parker. This might be confusing to those who don’t keep up with the actual comic books, however, ever since 2011 the mantle of Spider-Man in the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics has been held by Miles Morales.

(c) Marvel Entertainment
(c) Marvel Entertainment

Miles is a, “teenager from Brooklyn with an African American father and Puerto Rican mother” (Brown). While he was the main Spider-Man in the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics, he has switched over to the mainstream Spider-Man comics in 2015. Now, why would people be tired of Parker being announced for yet again another reboot? Because this time around there is a viable option for another Spider-Man. Miles Morales represents a more inclusive Spider-Man than what has been available for the last few decades. For once these is a non-white Spider-Man that is receiving just as much attention and merchandising as Parker. Morales was featured in the Disney XD adaptation of the Ultimate Spider Man as well as receiving action figures and many young men and women of color have been cosplaying him at recent Comic Conventions.


While Parker is the character that has first brought Spider-Man to life, no one can argue that he hasn’t received his fair share of attention in the MCU canon. Maybe it’s time for Parker to move over and let a Spider-Man that speaks to wider audience take over. Morales doesn’t erase Parker, Morales just shows people of color that yes, they too can be heroes.


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