Disassembly: Durarara!



This is a panel from the manga adaptation of the anime and light novel, Durarara! Durarara! is about a large cast of characters living in a city with gangs and secrets. The panel on the top is of one of the main characters, Shizuo. He is around 24 years old and works as a bodyguard for the debt collector, Tom Tanaka. Shizuo is known for his super strength that shows when he gets extremely angry and lifts vending machines or signs out of the ground to through them at the people that make him angry. What’s happening in the first panel is that one character is trying to get out of paying the debt he owes and angers Shizuo. Shizuo then yanks a sign out of the ground to use as a weapon. I have noticed that whenever Shizuo show up on the screen in the anime or in a panel of the manga, he takes up most of the panel and the background adheres to whatever he is doing. In the panel on the top, there are background words emphasizing his movements and lines around his body. What I wanted to do is see what happened if I took out Shizuo from the panel and left just the background. What I noticed while doing this is that it was hard erase some things because Shizuo was attached to some of the background. I then decided to take out everything he was touching except for the sign he was holding. I also wanted to keep in the word bubble because it added a funny touch to the revised panel. When I took Shizuo out, there was a definite changes in the feel of the panel. It went from being very extreme and angry to being confusing. Since the background was catered to the one character I took away, it doesn’t have the same effect that it originally had. Taking away Shizuo makes the sign look bigger and the main aspect of the panel instead of the character that was taking up the panel before. Also, the top panel is easy to understand while the bottom panel is confusing to the reader. In the first
a character is obviously angry and being very intimidating while in the second there is multiple interpretation one could have. There is also no background and only words to give any sort of context to what is occurring. Overall, taking away the main focus of the original panel greatly affected the feeling and coherence of the edited panel.