At first glance of the original comic (the left one) it is clearly showing relationship abuse as “young romance”. Not only is the original image called violence “romance” but it also claims that these are “true encounters” with love. I choose this comic because of the misrepresentation of romance and love. Also, our society seems to highlight and accept violence against women and this is evident from looking at this picture. This was not the only comic that portrayed violence, aggression against women or sexualized women. When I was deciding what to take out, the first thing I immediately wanted to remove was the words “true love” and “romance”. Not only is this the total opposite of what young love is supposed to be but having this as an image anyone can see creates a society that allows it and sometimes does not seem to acknowledge that this is no acceptable. Along with removing the title of the comic I found it necessary to take away the subtitles and all the text of the comic. The text bubbles insinuates that a girl was hitch hiking and the men that picked her up murdered her but the newspaper claims that she is “missing” or that she ran away. The main man in the picture says that, “she is going to get what she asked for”. Does this mean she was asking for sex? Or that she deserves to get abused from the guy while the others in the back watch? This reason alone was why I took out most of the text bubbles. Without the text bubbles it doesn’t refer to abusing women, portraying them as sex objects that get to be victims of assault just because she is a woman. Instead, it is just a story about a girl missing. I also erased all the men’s faces because of their intense glare of the girl. As the text explicitly states violence against women, the glare of the men adds to it. They look at her like a sex object, like her autonomy is not there. I also decided to take away the tear from her face as a symbol of overcoming violence against women. Rather than the tear drop symbolizing victimization, her facial expression says, “I know you are not about to put your hands on me” haha. The final way I altered the image was changing the picture to black and white. I wanted to erase the race of the characters. I found it necessary because when I was looking through comics I hardly ever saw characters of ethnicity and different race. It says a lot that this comic just shows white women. This comic suggests that other women of different races are excluded from the need of portraying nonviolence against women.