The Growth of a Boy and His Toy

Calvin and Hobbes is a graphic novel of a 6 year old and his stuffed tiger Hobbes, but there’s more to it. Creator Bill Watterson makes the comic evolve throughout the years that he was writing it. Although Calvin himself didn’t grow up his curiosity and open mindedness increases.  The  comic goes from dealing with issues a child would find to be a task to thinking about existential questions about life . calvin and hobbes 5


Since 1985 Calvin’s adventure went from wondering how a toaster works to asking deep questions about society all while taking a stroll through the woods and talking to his friend. Not only did the comic change in some way but it also changed as the audience grew with it. 

calvin and hobbes 6


In the 10 years that this comic ran it left the mark that it wanted to leave behind. The ideals that this graphic novel left behind on the world are still influencing the generations of today. Just like the people that they where named after, Thomas Hobbes and John Calvin, this comic is meant to be light-hearted and relatable towards in its  core fans, all while inviting both old and new audiences to experience the growth both Calvin and Hobbes.