Reflection Will Eisner’s Readings

One popular misconception that is held is that graphic novels are “childish” and things among that nature. We did read some pretty adult themed graphic novels so far but after reading “A contract with god” that misconception was put to the grave forever. I think it helps the overall idea of a graphic novel by reinforcing storytelling with pictures and only a little text as well as have that dark sense. I also think that time period will play a significant role in other graphic novels that we read like it did in this one. I really did pick up on the vibe of the great depression that Will Eisner was putting down. He had very twisted themes happening in all of his novels that must reflect what it must have been like through the great depression. There was self conflict with the actual story “A contract with god” there was money issues with the “Street Singer” every single struggle seems to show the desperate times and what they do to a person. There is a psychological debate between nature versus nurture and I do not know Will Eisner’s side it seems like a lot of these bad people are malleable, meaning they wouldn’t be so bad if the times were a little bit better. Some examples would be Hersh not becoming a business tycoon because the economy is fine, the street singer not needing money by singing on alleys and becoming a drunk and the little 10 year old girl may not have needed to kill the dog and steal the money to survive. The last story was also filled with poverty.