Reflection: The Innocence of Willie

In the last chapter of A Contract with God, the pages that I keep going back to as pages 179 and 180. In pages 179, Willie’s mom tells him that he is the ‘man of the house’ now and all Willie is doing is looking down at the street. On page 180, however, you see him staring off into the skyline of the city, to me, representing that he looking out to a life that he will never have and seeing the city in the perspective of a man now.

Over the course of the story, Willie grows up. He is only 15 at the time of this story and by the end he has already had his first sexual experience and has to be the man of the house because his father is out with his mistress more. The city that he is looking out at on page 180 is through the eyes of a boy who has to be a man early. He does not get the to experience life with the eyes of innocence anymore, everything he thought he knew, he thought he had seen is all changing. He is not the same 15 year old that left for the summer, the perspective of a man is taking over his boy perspective. The city is a new territory that he sees through the eyes of a man now. The life he had before the summer is over now, he has a new life now.