Alice’s Plot Twist

In current times, the phrase “Plot Twist” is used in a way that doesn’t really fulfill its meaning. When one thinks of how it is used, it is evident that people throw the phrase around loosely. In a joking manner one would say, “Plot twist, the mom turns out to be the aunt as well.” The phrase is most commonly used in a hypothetical sense. I would like to shine a light on the way I think plot twist was meant to be used. While perusing through a host of comics, I came across an interesting one that at first glance I recognized dealt with Alice, the main character from Alice in Wonderland. After taking some time to see that the comic released eight issues a year, I had no thought of it being in connection to the original. What I found was that it was connected in a sense that wasn’t apparent through a straight reading of the comic. The plots between both stand as parallels and the development of Alice continues.



Just as in the original and more popular Alice in Wonderland, Alice finds a whole that leads her to a land that she never knew existed. This time her medium was what she thought was a laundry chute. While looking for her rag doll she slips down her laundry chute into a new and foreign land. I thought that this was a clear connection to the first story and I also felt that this was what plot twist meant. I interpret the phrase a means of changing the story line and making an alternate path and ending. This plot twist continues when somehow Alice’s rag doll drinks milk and grows to become a giant. This prop of a drink is consistent between both stories. I love that it ties the stories together and also provides a way for both stories to be different. When Alice is the one drinking and eating something she is the main character of the story. Here we have her rag doll which is clearly more of the main character even though Alice is present. One could say that Alice is also only something that is used to tie the two stories together. To say that might sound a little harsh or maybe outlandish, but what placing Alice in this story does is gain a bigger audience and also keep the reader engaged. It almost seems that when the doll drinks the milk the two characters switch roles as major and minor characters. I feel that this is a great way to be able to continue with the comic and keep a stable audience while also telling a funny story.


AliceDoll2 Another conclusion that I was able make was that Alice’s character continues to develop in her ways. She is still ditsy and almost naive in a sense. From the reader’s perspective it’s a little bothersome that as a human she can’t stand up and put an end to the perpetual nonsense she seems to be living in. The character is treated in a way that keeps her guessing to what could possibly happen next. The final aspect of the comic that helped to continue the development of Alice’s character was when she returned home to her mom who wouldn’t believe any part of the story that Alice was telling. As the reader, being left with that allows one to see that many more stories can be made because of everyone’s disbelief in what Alice says. It seems that her life is a vicious cycle that will never end. The way that the stories are set up allow room for many more Alice stories to be created. I feel that the plot twist in this story is one of the best ways an author could keep their audience engaged and continue to produce stories.