Smoke and Mirrors

What I would like to discuss here is subtext. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines subtext as “the implicit or metaphorical meaning” this definition is huge when it comes to comics, video games etc. If someone does not stop and think about what is presented in front of them they may miss out on many cool things. The case I will be presenting has an enormous amount of hard evidence supporting the subtext. This case is the video game The Legend of Zelda:  Majora’s Mask. In this game if you don’t look at the subtext then all that the Gamer will know is that he is playing as the protagonist named Link who is trying to save the world from the moon crashing down onto Termina (the world you are in) in three days time. What you may have missed is that there is a very strong argument within the Nintendo community that Link is actually dead in the game. If you do not use subtext clues within the game then reaching this conclusion would be preposterous. In the end you actually save the moon from falling and rides off on your horse. In the game there is a specific order in which you may complete the game which matches up with “Kubler Ross Model of Grief” Which is 5 different emotions usually in a specific order that a person will go through during death. The emotions being Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and lastly Acceptance. In the game Link starts off in a village called Clock Town and despite the fact that the moon is going to fall on them they are planning a carnival. A carpenter even calls everyone cowards for believing that the moon is actually falling which is denying the truth. Then you go into the Forrest and swamp where a fictional creature called a Deku Scrub, who also happens to be the king, displays the second stage, anger. His daughter the princess goes missing and he blames a monkey, who is actually innocent. He gets by gets irrationally angry and tries to burn the monkey alive before Link proves his innocence of course. Another fictional creature in this game are Goron’s. One of them died and you encounter his ghost. He tries to bargain with you by trying to have Link bring him back to life. After this you met yet another fictional creature in the game called Zora’s. One of them lost her babies and refuses to speak to anyone and is all alone. Everyone is very worried about her. This is showing depression. Lastly to illustrate acceptance Link travels through the Valley of Death and then climbs a enormous tower into the heavens, because he has accepted death. Nintendo gives another huge clue by making the item you receive while climbing this heaven-like tower a Light arrow. This theory may seem far fetched but there are other things to suggest that he actually died. The place he is in is called Termina which has a striking resemblance to terminal You also fall off a cliff and end up in this world as well which is very odd. There is a main charter in the game who has a famous line that any fan of the series would recognize. When you first come across him he says to you “You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?” and he says this exact same line if you don’t beat the game and the moon falls down and destroys the entire world including Link. So in conclusion even if the game does not directly says that Link died there are clues everywhere. If you really take the time to dissect it and think about it. Even if it is untrue it will still lead to a fond intellectual talk and my main point here is that you should apply this to everything you watch or read because you may miss something amazing.better moon fall


I discovered some of this on my own but I am using evidence from this youtuber and have to give credit to him. He nicely goes into a little more detail. It is very interesting and I suggest you check it out.