“Shouldn’t have eaten those shrooms man.”

Have you ever found some magic mushrooms under your floorboard or in a gift box inside your drawer? Did you try them and immediately rewrite the past? Hopefully not, but we wouldn’t notice anyway. Just like how no one besides Katie knew that she was changing the past in the graphic novel, Seconds, but this article isn’t only about crazy trips that shrooms can cause. It’s about the way one can interpret this comic or any comic in general.

magic trip
Katie waking up from her first revision

When you begin reading this graphic novel, you find out that Katie is currently the head chef of the restaurant called Seconds, but she wants to do bigger things. She wants to start a restaurant of her own. The restaurant that she has always dreamed of having. However, one of her employees at Seconds gets injured and Katie begins to blame herself. Lucky for her, there was a present waiting at home that contained a magic mushroom that allowed her to erase anything from her past.

Now, here is were the fun part begins. If you look at this scenario from another angle, it makes you wonder: Is Katie really rewriting her past or is she just going a wild shrooms trip to forget everything bad that has happened to her? Her “addiction” to these magic shrooms gets out of control rather quickly. When she fails to make a payment for the renovation of her new restaurant, she takes a magic mushroom.  When she regrets breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, she takes a magic mushroom and they get married. Heck, she even takes magic mushrooms in order rewrite her rewrites while the world seems to be falling apart around her, but she doesn’t care as long as it makes her life perfect.

Magic Mushroom Instructions

This is all just my interpretation of the story. Katie isn’t actually a druggie at all and the magic mushrooms are actually rewriting her past, but the story can easily make the reader interpret it that way. You can even think of the story as being just one long dream sequence because in order to activate the mushrooms, you have to go to sleep. For those that have read this graphic novel, I would like to see if you came up with some interesting interpretations of the story. For those that haven’t read Seconds, you should pick it up. Its a fun read and it has some rather hilarious moments.  It’s writer and artist is Bryan Lee O’Malley, the same guy who created the Scott Pilgrim series, so if you enjoyed those then you will like Seconds.