Fables: New York City’s Most Well-Kept Secret

In 2002 Vertigo, a subsection of DC Comics, began publishing a comic series under the title of Fables. Fables, written by Bill Willingham, chronicles the trials and tribulations of a group of special individuals trying to life a normal life in the bustling Big Apple, New York City. The reason that these individuals are so interesting is because we’ve heard their stories before: they’re all fairy-tale characters. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Three Little Pigs, Beauty and the Beast, Little Boy Blue, Pinocchio — and so on.


The story begins with the Fables in the Homelands, the place where all of their stories originally take place, when all of a sudden some force begins ravaging and conquering all of the lands and kingdoms. This force, known merely as “The Adversary”, forces all of the remaining fables to flee the Homelands and come into our world — the Human World. As such, all of the fables have been required to hide in order to fit into human society, and that proves to be very difficult in modern day NYC. Because of this, the Fables have A Government and Laws that must be upheld in order to maintain their secrecy. The most important rule: Never let the humans know that Fables exists, they must remain as just make believe fairy-tales. Because of this, all fable-kind must be able to blend in, as in they must all look like “Mundies” (Humans). Obviously for people like Snow White and Prince Charming this is easy, but for others that are more animal-like, they have two options. First is to get a glamour, or a spell to make them appear human. These are services that witches and wizards in Fabletown provide for a fee, an expensive one at that. The other option, willingly chosen or enforced, is to be sent to the Farm, a sanctuary out in the the countryside of New York that is kept hidden by a powerful cloaking spell. In order to maintain these rules, a sheriff was elected: The Big Bad “Bigby” Wolf.


The comic follows the exploits of Bigby Wolf as the town’s sheriff; solving murders, taking down conspiracies, and trying to keep everything hidden from ever being revealed to the “mundies”. He is joined by Snow White, the independent “Vice President” of Fabletown (She practically runs the whole show), and together they try to keep everything running smoothly. The comic series has won a number of awards and spawned numerous sequels and spin-off series. In 2013, Tell-Tale Games released The Wolf Among Us, an episodic prequel in which every action you take and every decision you make influences the outcome of the game. Even ABC’s Once Upon A Time is lightly influenced by the Fables Comics, in that it has the same idea of fairy-tales living in our world. The comic series is dark, gritty, and sometimes surprisingly whimsical — it is a must read for any comic enthusiast.


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