Beauty of Black and White

Die Stadt, or The City, was a fascinating graphic adventure. When originally discussing the work, we were asked to look for any examples of an overall narrative feature to the work, and I believe that the most pronounced story exists in the city itself. The story being told is not one that deals simply with a construction worker, a woman in distress, or an adorable cat. Instead, these small scenes make up the greater story of what the city truly represents: life. The life of the members in this city, no matter how different they or their stories appear to be, all share the fact that they are the essence of the city. Despite this idea, that is not to say that other smaller stories do not exist in the overall theme of things. Stories of love, loss, and everything else imaginable are sprinkled, if even seemingly randomly, throughout the story of Die Stadt. The re-readability of this story, too, is something not to be overlooked. It is amazing what a second look reveals to the reader in terms of plot or character development. One may notice a background character’s reaction that reveals a new perspective on a situation or a part of the setting that opens new doors (maybe even literally) to what other events are transpiring beyond the walls of a home or shop. The building of this cityscape for the reader is one that does border on fantastical at times, but in the end it is all necessary in the telling of the journey through the city and the life it lives.

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  1. dmercer
    September 4, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    I really like what you said about “re-readability”. For me, it wasn’t until after the initial discussion in class that I started to think deeper about what themes were evident. So I went back and read the story over and was able to pick out a theme that I thought was represented very well throughout the entire work.

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