Fun Home and Zotero

Tuesdays class we talked about Fun Home through a political lens:

Here, using Storify, I was able to collect the tweeets that I tweeted during class about the various topics that we discussed in class and what other students talked about. I was also able to go more in-depth with the discussion that we had by adding little notes above each of tweets. We focused more on the political aspects of the text and the banishment of it in South Carolina. We also talked about each chapters different themes.

On Thursday, Dr. Whalen talked to us about our upcoming final projects and how we will be working with Zotero to organize our annotated bibliography. This will be a starting point to work on our final researched essay. We are supposed to find five scholarly sources to annotate and sources that will be used for the final research paper. These sources need to be focused on texts that we’ve read in class or graphic novels in general.

The real challenge for this assignment, is working with Zotero.