Graphic Novels Are Serious

I was recently asked about what classes I have been taking this semester. When I got to Graphic Novels the person I was talking about laughed.  I was sort of offended because they asked if that was a real class, and if we just sat around reading comics. I went on to defend the class and describe how we read these graphic novels and searched for deeper meanings and themes like we would in any other literature class. With the growing popularity of comics and graphic novels you would think that people would begin to take them seriously as a field of literary study. It is my assumption that a majority of adults in America believe that comic books and graphic novels can NOT be a serious area of study, but it is my opinion that they can be. Reoccurring themes and motifs can be found in comics and graphic novels as well as different types of comics and graphic novels. Not every graphic novel is about super heroes and saving the day, many area about the everyday lives of people, some just so happen to be super. I’m not saying I plan on going on to produce comic books or graphic novels, but I am saying that they should be taken seriously and can be very interesting fields of study.

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