Finishing a Comic

With the closing of the group web comic I have some final thoughts, that I did not share in my final reflection. As an overall project I felt I found a new appreciation for the time, effort, and creativity in making a comic. Just like any good story there needs to be careful consideration in the characters; how they behave, what they look like, and how they interact with each other. Once a rough sketch of characters is drawn its important to create story lines that they can interact and grow in the world you create. When there is a strong plot and character development that can help if drawing is not your strong suite. Artwork is very important with keeping your readers interested and engaged, but even if the drawing is magnificent, if there isn’t a good story then you will not have a captivated audience. I feel like an audience is a bit more forgiving if the artwork is not done very well then if the story and characters make no sense. However, artwork is important for adding to the story. What is included in the frames and how the character features are drawn is very important to the audience. So if a group does not have any artists among them I would suggest keeping the comic simple. Create what you can produce, is the best advice I could give a group. Be creative but be realistic with the abilities the group has to offer. I think this can be seen in the end product of the different groups and how different each comic turned out. I think everyone really played towards their strengths resulting in unique we comics.