10 Seconds or Less

One of the things that we did in class this past week, was give PowerPoint presentations on our comics.  However, we were only given ten seconds to present the information on each slide. At first I was excited about this because I am not one for public speaking, but once I started to think about it more, I realized that as a group we had a lot of information that we were going to try and communicate to the class.  The task of breaking down our information to the mere basics was both frustrating and rewarding.  As a group, we felt that we should include more information about our comic and the process that went into making it.  By doing the presentation this way, however, we were able to present what was most important to the class.

My learning style is to keep things simple, and make sure that the building blocks and most basic information, so I think that this type of presentation is conducive to many people’s learning style.  I think that the class as a whole was able to understand different aspects of the comics, like what kind of domain was used (mainly Comic press) the process of creating the comic (be it writing before drawing or drawing before writing) and the driving force behind each comic (an actual event, a previous comic book, or everyday experiences).  So while this presentation was difficult at first, I think that having to break down all the information and identify the most important points helped the presenting groups and the classroom.

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