History Courses should use Graphic Novels as their “required” Textbooks

History is a fascinating and interesting topic. Students learn about the developments of their own countries, the cultures that have come about, the inventions that we see today, the understanding of our civilizations, and the wars that seem to never end. While history can teach us all of that and more, there are a few limitations.

History is taught differently in each country, each nation being biased to their own, which is an issue that probably will never be fixed. The aspect of history that makes it difficult to understand, is that it is long… very long. And history is a never ending. With this concept, history can be boring…very boring. But to history’s defense, it’s interesting and crucial to understand so that we can live in a better world today.

(Most of these historical graphic novels are memoirs but are still a representation of their historical contexts.)

I think that if history was taught using graphic novels instead of textbooks, it would make it a lot more interesting. Students would be able to get a visual and organized understanding of events. This has recently been a new ongoing phenomenon occurring today. The most commonly known historical graphic novel is MausIf George Owell’s animal farm was written in a form of a graphic novel, it would have been much more interesting.


There is another fascinating graphic text, Persepolisthat was written around 2000. It’s a graphic text that represents a female character growing up during the Islamic Revolution. It was originally written in text and was later translated in different languages and was even adapted into a French animated film that was nominated for the Academy Awards.


Two graphic novels that I think would be an important and interesting read are Joe Sacco’s Palestine and Footnotes in Gaza. These texts give an overview of the never ending Palestine/Israel conflict and organize the massacres that happened and are happening in Palestine everyday. This would be a great text to be taught to help people understand the truth in a different and more understandable way.

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In class, we will be reading historical texts such as March: Book One and The Great War War: July 1, 1916.


For a list of more historical memoir graphic texts, check this link or that link.


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