Functions in Our Webcomics

After reading about the different functions in comics, I found it interesting that our comics incorporated these different functions, even if we didn’t purposefully mean to.  I know that in our comic, Pawprints, we had originally decided to have the uneven gutters and panels to reflect the carefree and laid back nature of the comic.  The fact that there’s a legitimate theory and function in comic literature that corresponds to our stylization really took me by surprise as an amateur comic creator.

The functions themselves in the readings were a bit difficult to comprehend because of their theoretical nature.  However, being able to see them in the context of our own comics helped in my understanding of them.  For example, I think it corresponds with the ideas of the function of closure/separation, and the rhythmic function.  The different panel sizes and border outlines gives a sort of feeling of different aspects of time, characterization, and moves the story along.  Along those same lines, the rhythmic function plays a part in the timing of the “written in jokes” that the comic provides.  By having these characteristics in our Webcomics, I think we show a growth in our understanding of comics and the way they work and portray ideas, stories, and meaning to its readers.