Relection on our Favorite Annoying Know it All.

This past Tuesday we finished the graphic novel Asterios Polyp, and similar to Watchmen, we were all kind of confused by the ending. Many interesting debates stirred the class that led to theories that most of us would have never thought of. Some students were annoyed with the ending, were Asterios asks existential questions through out the text, but they never seemed to be answered. And at the end (spoiler), a comet flies through the sky and, what we assume, will kill the two main protagonists. With this sudden ending, it leaves the readers to question of why did it end that way? Why wold David Mazzucchelli leave not only an ending that questions the ending itself, but questions the narrative as a whole.

Another theory is that, the comet doesn’t actually hit the house but passes Asterios and Hana since that isn’t were the story technically ends. The ending is with the Major, Ursula, and their son watching shooting stars. This is a somewhat peaceful and happy ending where the story ends with the broken up couple reuniting and the Major family being together. This is the ideal ending that most people would want. It concludes that no matter with the questions of “what is life consisted of”, as long as you are with someone that you are comfortable with, questions that can’t be answered, just don’t matter.

Another interesting theory, is that the text is loosely based off 9/11. There are only a few elements that support this claim. The main one being the comet falling through the sky, at the end, representing the sudden attack during 9/11. It shows how life is full of surprise, either good or bad and that as humans, we don’t have the time to think about the mistakes that we’ve made or regret anything that we’ve ever done, but to simply just live, because life is too short.