Comics or Just Pictures

What it is by Lynda Barry. Quite honestly, what is it? I’m not asking about the message of the novel or the themes or even the symbolism of the novel. Really, I’m just trying to figure out if this novel belongs in our Graphic Novels class, section Comics. It is a graphic novel, there is a mildy creepy story and there is amazing illustrations. But it’s not a comic. To me at least. It can’t be, I see games and snippets of off topic stories mixed with the main story, which is actually hard to find after a page or two. It’s mind boggling detailed which is genius on it’s own right but it’s going to take several reads to actually fully process the entire novel. There’s just so much stuff inhabited in each page that it becomes endless and an iSpy book. So, really, what is it? A graphic novel. With multiple stories.