Now everyone wants to go to Comic-Con

In the midst of all things new and exciting, Comic-Con returns in July 2015!

The essence of all things comic is being kept alive with the yearly convention, Comic-Con held in the San Diego Convention Center. Comic-Con has been around since 1970. It began with Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, and Richard Alf. Comic-Con was initially a one-day event referred to as “minicon,” on March 2. About 100 people had attended the comic-con. Their purpose at the time was to raise funds and make comic-con a more popular event and draw in more people. The first connection was so successful, that the minicon became a three day event during the first 3 days of August in 1970. It was triple amount the people that attended. The event hosted “a dealers’ room, programs and panels, film screenings, and more: essentially, the model for every comic book convention to follow.” 



Comic-con’s mission is as follows:

“San Diego is a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular artforms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.”
The great aspect of comic-con is that it it not limited to just comics, but expands to other forms of media such as television and film. Comic-Con is definitely limited to certain kinds of genres like science fiction  and superhero films, and fantasy fiction. Comic-con embraces the alternate universe that is presented in comics and appreciates the different adaptations that films and tv shows have recreated the original texts from.
San Diego Comic Con 2011
At Comic-con, fans, creators, actors, directors, producers, all join together in one big building to support their fandoms. Fans are able to become their own super-heros and meet others alike or meet their allies and enemies and play out their own kinds of battles. The Comic-Con world is an encouraging environment of science, technology, and creativity.
With Comic-con becoming more and more popular, everyone should be encouraged to attend the convention at least once! Put on your favorite costume, go be friends with your arch enemy, and be inspired by all the other characters from all the different universes.
Also, check out the development of the logo here!


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