Workout for Creativity

This past week our class has started to work on our web comics. I figured for this week’s reflection I would write about my experience with the process thus far because it is something very new to me. Thinking back on my life, I do not believe I have ever written a comic, and if I have, it would have been when I was a very young age and had little knowledge of what I was actually producing. This week, having to come up with an idea for a web comic as well as produce a proposal and actually start to process of creating my group’s web comic, I have found that this process really pushes your creativity to the next level. I’m not going to lie, it was rather hard to come up with an idea for the web comic, but luckily, my group mates and I thought of an idea that I think is rather intriguing. We came up with the idea to present a comic strip each publication date that presents a unique theory on what happened to the hikers on the Dyatlov Pass. Once we came up with this idea I was extremely excited to start creating the panels and overall comic strips.

The process became a little bit challenging trying when trying to figure out how to put all of our creative ideas into a comic strip. So many questions started to arise, we started to wonder how many panels we should have in each strip, or if we should even include dialogue at all in our web comic. We found that all of these answers could really only be answered once we started laying out our outline for each strip. After putting our thoughts together and planning out what each panel would basically look like, the process shifted from worrying about technicalities to a fun experience that eventually would answer all of our questions as we worked on it more and more.

Going into the web comic process, I admit, I was a bit nervous considering I have never been a part of a project as unique as this one. However, working with my group and seeing all of our creative ideas come together has set my nerves aside and has made me quite excited to start publishing our comic strips. I look forward to our final project and I am proud and excited about our work thus far. This new experience of producing a web comic has definitely introduced me to new skills and has really pushed my creative side.