Interactive Comics

One of the greatest ideas that has been presented in comics is the crossover.  Throughout the comic universes we have seen cross overs where two super heroes from different companies team up, comics crossing over to the big screen, and into the video game industry.  The video game crossover is a truly unique crossovers experience; most games based off of comics are simple beat’em ups where you as the player, play a hero flying, swinging, or running around beating up a random assortment of henchmen and villains.  The fun that they provide is astounding, in these games you can control the powers of a favorite hero.  However, one series has broken away from this trend, creating an even more visceral experience, that game is The Walking Dead by TellTale Games.



This version of the Walking Dead is based more off of the Graphic novel series than the TV, yet it is not directly to either.  What makes this game truly unique is the game play coupled with a spectacular art direction. The game plays like a choose your own adventure comic book, where your actions influence the world around you.  As you talk to other characters the words you choose to say, the actions you take, or even how much time you spend not doing much of anything  can have a positive or negative impact on the world around your character.  TellTale made a game where the consequences of your actions are the primary focus.  It is this use of dialog coupled with the art depicting the world around the characters that makes the game more like a comic.

The game even comes out in episodic form, once a month a new chapter comes out for the current season.  The cell shaded art style of the game even gives it the color popping pallet contained comics.  Rather than the washed out colors and tones that dominate much of the gaming market. This is a game that both gamers and comic lovers have fallen in love with, becoming the first indie game ever to win game of the year.  If you have a free half hour in a busy week and want a great story, try this game.