Why Alan moore is Less Important Than His Work

On Tuesday we looked at two scholarly articles that deconstructed Watchmen as a literary work. During that discussion we touched on the topic of Alan Moore as a person and author. How he receives no money from the profits of Watchmen, his most successful work. The most important thing to know about Moore is that he wrote Watchmen. Other than that he’s just another author. He has some weird proclivities and an interesting public persona that emphasizes how crazy or not crazy he may be.
I do not think that discussing alan Moore’s personal life is relevant to a discussion about his work. His work is one entity, his life is another. They do not go together. Moore is a comic book writer, and his most popular book is one of the best comic books ever. But that does not mean that pontificating on Moore’s life is necessary to understand Watchmen. It’s really not important. Watchmen is what it is, but that’s not related to who Moore is besides the author. Some background on a writer can shed light on their work, but in Moore’s case I feel that it does nothing to help the reader understand the text. 
Watchmen already offers so many topics to talk about. The novel contains themes of morality, death, destruction, creation, and the subjection of women. Moore’s role in creating the novel is important among other comics. But he isn’t relevant to today’s society. He’s some kind of hoaky wizard who gives off the persona of being a bitter old man. Whether that’s who he is or not is hard to tell. But my point is that it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter to a reading of the novel. 

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