What It Is, Watchmen

I have created a story on Storify to reflect what we learned on Tuesday’s class on the two articles that we read for class.

One article read into the symmetry of Watchmen while the other one read into the representation of post traumatic stress among the different characters, but especially Dr. Manhattan.

Here is the public link.


On Thursday, we began reading our newest ‘graphic novel’, What It Is. An interesting¬†and sad story line that is presented in the graphic novel, but what it makes it so fascinating, besides the creepy yet intriguing animations, are the challenging questions presented to the reader. As a class, we sat in a squarish/circle discussing questions such as:

“What is a toy?”

“Can you have the same memory twice?”


“What is a monster? “

“Why do we need them[monsters] ?”

While these questions don’t seem hard, they make you think what a toy or monster means to you. Listening to other people’s opinions was the best part because it opens up the mind to the many different possibilities that are available to one question.

There are repeating elements in What It Is that makes the reader why Lincoln is being brought up multiple times throughout the text. There is also repetition of a ghost with sticks, a owl cat monster, and a  monkey. These repeating images are never the exact, they change on every page and yet they are still there. This means that our perception of what a certain object is, is different from person to person.

What It Is, gives us a whole different view of what a feels like to be inside of someone else’s mind.

Reading What It Is also questioned the idea of what are the criterias for a text to be a comic book…but then again, does it really matter?