Where are the Confident Villains?

Although there are many criticisms existing about the Disney franchise, they certainly got one thing right: confident villains. I would challenge the reader to find a Disney movie in which the evil step-mother, witch, misguided townsmen, or any of the other villains questioned their motives. In class there was an off-handed comment regarding how the villain in Watchmen was unsure of his actions, and while destroying a large portion of New York to bring peace is drastically different than giving a poison apple to your beautiful step-daughter, it made me wonder about the class of villains that have been presented.

Unfortunately Disney movies are not graphic novels or comic books so my extensive Disney knowledge will have to be locked away while I venture again into less familiar territory. The first confident villain that came to mind, and this might just be due to my undying love for Heath Ledger, was The Joker from Batman. Not once does he question his pursuit of creating chaos and attempting to have Batman break his one rule. My next thought was that The Joker is crazy, and I wanted to see if there exist any sane villains that are confident in their cause for evil, or any anti-hero that never wavers in their land of gray morals.

This lead me to the thought of Magneto from X-Men, which was also mentioned during class discussion. He is always confident in his fight for mutant superiority, and protecting his own kind, and I would argue completely sane.

I recognize that this characterizing of a truly villainous character as insane is done by the writer to make sure that the reader sympathizes with the hero. So that the reader never wonders whether or not the hero is actually doing the right thing in punishing the villain and supposedly saving humanity.

As I said before, my knowledge here is limited, so I leave these questions to the readers: Can you think of any completely confident, mostly sane villains?

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