The Week of Watchmen

The past week in class we have been discussing up to chapter seven in the graphic novel “Watchemen.” We specifically discussed the historical and meta aspects of the comic, how this offers commentary on comics in general and also overflowing commentary from different story lines.  I think that for first time readers this graphic novel can seem overwhelming, especially if they are not given a specific thing to focus on, whether it be a theme, recurring image, specific story line or character, or even the different coloring for each panel, story line and character.  All I can offer for help is my past reading.

This has been my second time reading “Watchmen” and as a reader I have certainly noticed more than I did the first time. There are images and phrases that pop up through the entire comic (Nostalgia, “Who watches the Watchmen,” the Hiroshima couple, specific blood splatter, the blimp) and it has been interesting to note when these images occur in the story. It has been easier to notice this as a returning reader, because I remember generally what occurs in the story and have been made aware of these images beforehand. One recommendation I would have to readers is not to just browse over the panels. Almost every panel has a back story, some hidden information or image, or foreshadowing that will help the ending not be as much as a surprise. Good luck readers!