Naruto’s Never Ending Story

My second eldest brother loves video games and Naruto. I first watched the anime, a style of Japanese animation, with him back in 2011 or 2012 and instantly loved the characters. From then, I started the first episode and watched all 220 of them in one summer. It was great, I was invested in the story and characters and I knew that I would stay with them all the way through. I continued with the story with its sequel, Naruto Shippuden. What I didn’t know was that Naruto was originally a manga, a Japanese style comic.


Upon this new finding, I started to read the manga and got through Naruto’s story twice as fast. I was able to read at my own pace and enjoyed the leisure of not having to spend 20 minutes watching it. The other good thing about reading was that the manga was ahead of the anime so I was ahead of the game.


Like all television shows, movies, and book series, they all must come to an end. But not Naruto. The Naruto series first began in 2002 and ended after 220 episodes. The sequel started in 2007 and is STILL going on. It has been about six years since the sequel has began and I need to understand when it will end. The anime does consist a lot of filler episodes, but you can avoid them by reading the manga.

The point is, the story line has been going on for quite some time now and the question is, when will it end? I have the choice to stop reading the manga on my own will but like I said earlier, I am too invested in the story, the characters, and even the animations. What is mind blowing for me is to know that while after 6 years you think that the story would be getting old, but it’s not. The creator of Naruto has somehow managed to create new ideas, new plot lines, new characters.


So what makes a graphic novel, a graphic novel? Does it have to have an ending to it? Can we consider anime series to be graphic novels? Personally I think they can because they consist common elements of a typical graphic novel. So far what we have been reading in class, Naruto has almost no similarities to the other texts. In Little Nemo and Krazy Kat, there are sets of panels that tell a short story and there’s an ending. With Contract with God and Watchmen, they read as normal comics and have a story being told. Naruto does have panels, characters, animations, etc. but there is no end.


What do you guys think? How can we define a graphic novel? Do you think it’s important for a series to end or would you rather it be everlasting? Let me know in the comments down below!



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