Oh The Things You Will Learn…

Like some of the other bloggers have said lately, I was extremely unsure of how I would feel about this class.  I had never read a comic book in my life. I had never really looked at them and thought, “Hmm…I should check this out”.  But through this class I have developed an interest with them and I will continue to search out new and interesting comics.  I have just recently found out that one of the people that works in Residence Life owns a comic book store.  So I will probably start talking to her more and finding comics that I find interesting.


Though I can admit to liking them more than when I started this class, I still have some reservations about many comic books.  I am not a huge fan of violence, and I have seen a lot of that in what we have read over the semester.  I have also seen a lot of negative thoughts against women in texts such as Watch Men, A Contract With God and others.  So I would definitely want to try out graphic novels that are less violent and sexist.  I think it would be incredibly interesting to look at some novels that were written by women and see if their style is much different than the books we have read this semester.  I am also really interested in the idea of graphic novels that have extended from TV shows, such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I think that taking something that was once a television show and then transforming it into comic form is very interesting. I know that next semester there will be a class that focuses on that, and I am definitely taking it.  The idea of expanding on one thing that already exists and being successful on multiple fronts sounds like a lot of fun.


When beginning this class, I had no idea how many little details go into making a graphic novel.  There is the font, and the coloring, and the gutters.  So many small things that if proper attention is not received, the whole comic would give off a completely different feel. We had read an article about it in the beginning of the semester, but I did not really understand the importance of it until we read a bunch of different comics and had to create our own.  Now I know to pay attention to those small details, and I know to never ever use Comic Sans font ever again.  The role that font plays was probably the biggest eye opener for me.  I remember reading one of the graphic novels and then in class picking out all of the different fonts that were being used, and what they all meant.


I feel like this class has really given me the chance to see graphic novels as a form of literature, because before this I did not.  I could not see how a “glorified picture book” could be literature.  But with the benefits it can give to children learning to read and the details each story line has, and the serious topics that are covered, I can now see it as literature.  I can also appreciate all of the effort that goes into making a comic.  Even though we only worked on a comic for a few weeks, it was a ton of work.  I never would have expected that.  I thought people just drew some pictures, added some words and called it a day.  I genuinely under estimated how difficult it is to make a comic.  So that is another thing this class has taught me.


Overall, this class experience was an eye opener.  I learned a lot of new things and have a whole new appreciation for the art of graphic novels.