Hidden Aspects of Asterios Polyp


Everyone besides Asterios and Ignacio had normal, human shaped heads. It could be debated that Mazzucchelli didn’t want the reader to get them mixed up with other characters. However, I see their heads as half of a circle. Putting Asterios’ and Ignacio’s head together would produce a full circle, which represents their connection. Since Ignacio does not exist physically, one half of the circle is missing, and leaves Asterios with a sense of loss.

Another interesting thing to note is the fact that the book’s dust jacket does not completely cover the book. It was the most frustrating thing to encounter and I promptly took it off. This makes me think of Asterios, he is so focused on clean lines and evenness, but the rigidity that he believes in makes him lose out in the end.

Finally, I absolutely loved the way that Mazzucchelli changes everyone’s speech bubbles and fonts to match their personality. Asterios has a box speech bubble with a font you would expect to see on documents and Steven (AKA Spotty) has a sketchy bubble because he’s a little sketchy. Stiffly’s bubble is mostly round, but has a few loose squiggles in it, whereas Ursula’s bubble is cloud like and the font has a sort of regal or cosmic quality about it. Which brings me to my favorite part, when you look at their son’s speech bubble; it is a combination of the two.


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  1. kfortier
    April 22, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you for pointing out the different speech bubbles. I had noticed that a lot of them were different, but as for the speech bubbles corresponding to the people, I hadn’t really been aware- especially of Running Dog’s bubble being a perfect combination of his parents’. I hadn’t noticed that Asterios’ head was a half circle and that bring a really fascinating aspect to the dynamic between him and his brother. I wonder if other characters had similar speech bubble patterns. This makes me want to read the comic again and see if I can continue these patterns.

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