When There’s Trouble You Know Who To Call

While I was thinking about what my next blog was going to be about, I began to daydream about my relationship to the comic world. I thought about the comics I’ve read and some of their TV shows, the one comic turned TV show I watched religiously was DC Comic’s Teen Titans which aired on Cartoon Network. Before the animated series I had never heard of the Teen Titans, I just assumed it was something new and fun for young comic book fans.250px-Showcase-59-1965-TeenTitans

I decided find more about the teenage sidekicks of their famous superheroes. I was a little surprised the Titans made their first appearance in the 1964 comic The Brave and the Bold issue #54 written by Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani. The orginial characters were Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad they eventually recruit Wonder Girl and Speedy (Green Arrow’s sidekick). The Titans original task was to help teenagers, take on adult responsibilities, and would address real current events.250px-NewTeenTitansVol1-001

Unfortunately they were canceled in 1973 but with the help of some new revisions(adding new characters of different ethnicity), the team made a come back in 1976. When I was searching the internet to find out if there were others I came across a huge list of different Teen Titan comics following the 1976 revival: The New Teen Titans (1980-1996), Teen Titans (1996-98), Titans (1999-2002), and many more in between.

It wasn’t until 2003 when Kids’ WB premiered the first animated series, created by Glen Murakami, Teen Titans. The characters were based off of the 1980’s comic book series The New Teen Titans, centering around the five main characters Cyborg, Beast Boy,  Starfire, Raven, and Robin as their leader. I really enjoyed the show because it allowed its younger audience to relate to the characters when they weren’t fighting crime, they were regular kids who liked to fight crime. Sadly the series ended in 2006 with a movie as the final series finale. I never saw the movie but I’m sure it was the same as the show just a lot longer.280px-TeenTitansTogether


I leave you with the theme song from the show: