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I personally am new to the comic world but this class has truly made me very curious to learn more. As we discuss digital comics and begin to construct our very own webcomics, I was intrigued by the differences between digital and print comics. Technology has taken over this world, you can do almost anything from your very own phone and I was curious to see if that has had an effect on print comics sales. Companies around the world are changing the way they promote their products, and becoming more technologically advanced due to the new era in electronics and its vast abilities. We will also take a look at the pro’s and con’s of each form of comic sharing.

For starters, print comics are defined as printed materials from graphic novels to newspaper strips and other forms of printed materials. Anything still on paper is considered print. Whereas digital comics is a form of electronic data typically on a computer. In todays tim

e you can view digital comics on practically anything such as your phone, iPod, tablets, laptops, television’s and so on.

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As for the benefits of each, print comics the number one reason they are still very popular is for collectibility amongst fans and collectors. Respect for collectable comics is important to comic collectors and this is seen to be very profitable if you know what you are doing. Print comics are also physical items. You can hold it in your hand, smell it, touch it and take reading it

into your own hands on your time. Lastly, print comics never “disappear”. Sometimes in the digital world it can be difficult to find certain older editions of comics due to the fact that all the newest material is thrown on the forefront. The benefits of digital comics on the other hand is portability (especially for handheld devices such as a phone or tablet) and the convenience. Cost is a huge difference due to the fact that most online comics are free. And who doesn’t like free? Your audience is also effected by

digital use. You have a way larger social group using computers than you have driving to bookstores and comic book shops. Therefore, you have a better chance of having someone stumbl

e across your digital comic books online. The great thing about internet is that as you build a fan base (as we are learning while creating our own webcomics) you will also have followers who are delighted to share their opinions. Blogs, and comment boxes can be very useful for writers, artists, and other persons involved in the creation of these online comics. You can take their comments as feedback and build on what the readers think to make changes to broaden your fan base, or you can simply read it and move forward. Either way, this again is left up to you but it is an option you don’t have as quickly and efficiently in print comics.

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In my opinion, I like both. There are good and bad things of both print and online comics, both of which benefit a reader in different ways. At the start of this class this semester I found a love for the physical thing, the print copies. I could carry it with me everywhere I go, I could read at my own pace, and I didn’t have to wait for an extended period for the next “episode” to come out. On the other hand, as a broke college student I can appreciate the value of FREE. So this is intriguing. On top of that I like the fact that there is a lot of inventive stuff you can do digitally with effects that you cannot do on a printed copy. I am curious to see what everyone else thinks, so tell me, do you prefer digital or print comics?


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  1. kkutnak
    March 22, 2013 at 3:23 pm

    I have been using both print and digital copies of comics in this class. While the digital copy is nice to have, I don;t have to worry about damaging it or losing it. I am finding I prefer paper copies of comics. I have found I am more able to focus on the art that is drawn and I am able to focus on the page as a whole not just panel by panel.

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